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Job Costing

Dapt Has A Solution For That

True Job Costing
Compare Job vs Job, Profit vs Revenue, Labor Class, Projects, and more.  

Maybe you pay your employees by installs, not hourly.
Maybe you have complex overtime rules or shift differential. Maybe you have complicated taxes due to non-resident employees.

Current solutions try to fit your business into their model rather than adapting to serve you better.

With Dapt it doesn't matter, we handle it all.
Predictive Analytics
Dapt utilizes cutting edge visualization technologies to show you, in real-time, how your projects are progressing.

Know at a glance if you're behind schedule or if you're overspending. Drill down into projects to see in-depth comparisons between jobs, employees, tasks, groups and more.

Dapt uses aggregated data to show you what your average project looks like, and will help you predict the scope and profitability of new projects automatically.
Data Driven
Dapt makes sure the data flowing between your Time Tracking, Payroll, and Accounting solutions remains consistent.

No more manual time calculations or spreadsheets.

Dapt makes sure your data gets where it needs to get to in the format it needs to be in.


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Why Dapt?

Trusted Partnerships

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Unify Your Accounting, Payroll, and Time

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Move data between time collection, payroll, and your accounting software such as QuickBooks. Automatically update your general ledger with truly accurate job costs.

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Time Collection

Use your current time tracking solution to collect time on a per person or per job basis. Use Dapt to help manage time rules.

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Convert time (or even non-time activities) into payroll to be processed by our partners such as ADP.
Dapt can also provide certified payroll.

Dapt unifies accounting, time tracking, and payroll to provide real time labor cost control and profitability insights.

Benefits of Dapt

The Dapt Process

Dapt Process

Benefits of Dapt

Predictive Analytics

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Customizable Dashboard
See what you want to see in real-time
  • Current vs. projected Spend, total hours per job, class or employee, etc.
  • Costs broken out by labor class, employees, projects, and more
  • Automatic high level view of your business and drill down for details.
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Real-Time Insights
Dapt provides you with real-time insights
  • Analyze your projects to compare current data vs. expected
  • See issues as they arise so you can take immediate action
  • Make sure projects stay on track in real-time
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See the future
Dapt can show you how profitable a project will be before it begins
  • Using Machine Learning, Dapt will learn what your average job looks like
  • Dapt will provide automatic predictions of how profitable new jobs will be
  • Be alerted to events that can impact a job before they happen

Modern Visualization Technology

Dapt enables real time monitoring and response to changing data, providing companies better visibility into their operations and helping to maximize profitability

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"Dapt’s attention to detail, understanding of both QB Time, QuickBooks and ADP’s Workforce Now environments, and troubleshooting ability was unparalleled. It was great working with Jim; his level of technical knowledge and experience in getting all these applications to work together was nothing short of amazing. It’s rare to find anyone this good at their job nowadays.

I wouldn’t hesitate to use these guys again!”

- Jeff V. | Accounting Services Manager | Mogg & Associates, LLC
"Now with Dapt, our custom reporting time will be greatly reduced, saving me more than 20 hours a week.”
- Terry C. | VP of Operations | Medical Records Associates
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