Simplify your payroll and job costing

The best integration between QuickBooks Time (formerly TSheets), ADP Payroll, and QuickBooks Accounting.

Who is Dapt?

Dapt makes sure the data flowing between your Time Tracking, Payroll, and Accounting solutions remains consistent.

Dapt can keep time by job, project, etc. data all the way through the payroll process and reattach the proper labor costs with the payroll report to give you true job costing, post payroll.

Unify Your Accounting, Payroll, and Time

Move data between time collection, payroll, and your accounting software such as QuickBooks. Automatically update your general ledger with truly accurate job costs.

Use your current time tracking solution to collect time on a per person or per job basis. Use Dapt to help manage time rules.

Convert time (or even non-time activities) into payroll to be processed by our partners such as ADP.

"Our company has a very complex system of job tracking and costing. Dapt was able to configure the programming necessary to integrate with our payroll through ADP as well as giving us the ability to bring the financial data back into our QuickBooks desktop accounting software"
Renate B.
Byers Industrial, LLC Services

We Handle Complex

Complicated labor rules, non-standard pay rates, multi-jurisdictional taxation, unique overtime rules, etc. Dapt can handle your business rules.