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Job Costing
Actionable Insights
Profitability Analysis
Revenue Vs Profit Comparison
Customizable Dashboards
Certified Payroll

Easily Manage Your Payroll & Accounting

Run Your ADP Payroll Reports
A few button clicks each week and your payroll is handled!
Upload Your Payroll Data into QuickBooks
Generate a QuickBooks IIF file that will automatically update your GL.
Historical Records On Demand
Easily access any past payroll or accounting files, all saved in the Dapt Cloud.

Sample Payroll Report

Sample Certified Payroll

Payroll Calendar

Real Time Insights

Dapt offers customizable dashboards allowing you to see a real-time snapshot into your business, as well as the ability to compare job vs job, projections vs actual, employee efficiency, revenue vs profit and more!

Take visibility to a new level with Dapt!

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